What is a Sleeper Nerd?

A Sleeper Nerd is a person with any level of obsession towards fandom culture, with a nonchalant style.
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The Brilliant House Hoodie

Welcome my little

Sleeper Nerdz!

Here, there is no sorting hat because we have you sorted. No longer will your little sister and mum gang up on you and tell you it’s time to leave your love for the magical and the mystical behind you. We understand that Wizards, Witches and Demigods never really grow up.

Not everyone gets it. Not everyone understands what it’s like to love a fictional world so much, to wish that you belonged to it, with every part of your being. But we do. We get it. That’s why we create apparel that feels like you belong in that world. Not like your a fan of it, but like you are really in it.

You are at camp supporting your cabin and getting ready for the big capture the flag game tonight, or in school representing your house and showing your team, you believe they will fly like the wind!

Take your favorite place, make it real, make it modern, put yourself in it, and let others who feel the same way as you know, they are not alone. That is the goal we hope to accomplish here at Sleeper Nerdz & Co.

Thanks for being a part of the Sleeper Nerdz Fam.

About Us
What is a Sleeper Nerd?

We define it as a person with any level of

obsession toward fandom culture,

with a nonchalant appearance!

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Super fast shipping and came just as pictured! It’s SO soft and honestly even better in person. Will absolutely be coming back for more!! Thank you!
Rebecca G., Austin, TX

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