Greek Godly Parent Quiz

Which words sound most pleasing to you?
Do you rely on your words or your actions?
When faced with conflict what is your first instinct?
I'm drawn most to those who are...
During Capture the Flag, what is your role?
Do you believe that humans by nature are inherently good or bad?
You've received a gift from your Godly parent, what is it?
Which scents are most inviting to you?
Do you carry yourself with your heart or your mind?
What is your greatest obstacle?
Would you obey an order if it entailed harming someone?
What do you believe your best qualities are?
Which would you consider to be your pet peeve?
What is your personal Achille's Heel?
In your eyes, what makes someone a hero?
What is your dream job?
Is it possible for you to remain friends with someone who has crossed you?
Do you believe things are either black or white or that there's an in-between gray area?